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Why is it that I find myself endlessly enjoying Sharpe? Not just when he is helping defeat Napoleon on behalf of anti-revolutionary reaction - because Napoleon had by that time become almost as bad as the regimes he briefly defeated, and in some respects worse - but when he is helping create the Raj in India.

It's partly Sean Bean and his class consciousness, and partly that the villains are always posh gits, whatever their nationalities and loyalties. And partly that I am a miserable sinner who enjoys this sort of thing. Plus the endless vague slashiness of Sharpe and Harper.

BTW, am I the only one, or is Geena Davis as President in 'Commander-in-Chief' distinctly slashable both with her blonde aide and the one who works for Donald Sutherland's evil Speaker?


Back to the film festival for a moment, and Filthy Gorgeous )


Meanwhile, the TLS ran my Margot Lanagan piece but had to cut it a bit for space.Review )

And congratulations to Geoff Ryman for getting the BSFA award as well as the Tiptree for 'Air'.

I'd congratulate another friend, present in LJ, for her award, but I am not sure she wants her identity known...Consider yourself congretted, and let me know whether it's OK to say...
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